December 3

Primary and Secondary Colours 1

Title: Orange

Exercise: Using the primary and secondary colour wheel find scenes that are dominated by a single colour. With each colour that you find vary the exposure slightly to produce an image that most closely matches your desired colour.

Take your time. Try not to concentrate on artificial colours, make sure you examine the natural colours of materials too. Use the experience to develop and refine your colour sense.

Approach: This was my first set of specific colours and started with the extraordinary sunset that coloured the low cloud orange. Once I started looking I found a range of other naturally occurring ‘orange.’

December 3

Control the strength of a colour

Title: Nasturtium

Exercise: Find a strong, definite colour and take a sequences of shots all composed the same but using different exposures. Start with the average metered setting and then stop down the aperture by half stops.

Approach: I had a couple of attempts at this exercise just to get a feel for the true effect. The sequence that showed the most obvious results was that of the Nasturtium flower.