July 8

The Bird Feeder: focal distance

Title: The Bird Feeder

Exercise: Take three photos of the same scene using different focal lengths. Print the images on A4 paper. Return to the scene and hold the images up until the printed scene and the actual scene appear the same size.

Approach: I decided to take photos of a scene that was close to hand so I could easily return with the larger images. Physically experimenting with the different distances really emphasised the focal length effects. I seem to have a natural preference for the close-up, something about seeing the detail of the everyday differently I guess. The images are not particularly special but I thought they worked for the purpose of the exercise.

I have a weak left eye so trying the experiment of keeping both eyes open while looking through the viewfinder was not particularly successful!

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Posted July 8, 2012 by Dawn Langley in category "AoP Exercises