February 13

A story of curiosity

One of the joys of spending time at the British Museum was seeing the many different objects and talking about their possible stories. We were asked to consider what their adventures were to get here and I was fascinated to hear how different the stories were that emerged.

Coincidentally, I was also recently given the Wellcome Collection’s ‘Guide for the incurably curious’ and in it the stories of the collection are beautifully illustrated.

Henry Wellcome liked to recall how, as a very young child, he had found what his father explained was an ancient stone arrowhead, and example of a technology more important to its makers than the telegraph and the steam engines of his day. That inspired his imagination – and it also taught him how to use an object to tell a story.

Thinking back to connections the thing that connected both the British Museum and the Wellcome Collection for me was this interest in the condition of mankind, something that allows the coming together of disciplines, cultures and timespans – something articulated through stories.

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Posted February 13, 2013 by Dawn Langley in category "Blog