May 21

Play Time

A group of brightly coloured blocks with a single letter on each face.
My beloved writer's blocks

The other day I was meandering around the LIFT website to see what this year’s programme offered. Partly, because I was intrigued about the range of work and partly (admittedly a little selfishly) in that it might provide some good photo opportunities for my OCA coursework.

In doing so I came across the heading “An Adventure Map,” I was hooked, my imagination was sparked as were memories of childhood stories and buried treasure. I loved its playful nature and it seemed to chime with a number of other conversations I seem to have been having for the last few years about adults and play. 

When I run development sessions I generally talk about my approach and the principles that sit behind it. The usuals are in there about contributing, listening, taking personal responsibility and so on. I also like to include irreverence and fun. I don’t know if this makes sense to other people but it seems to me that there are times we can take ourselves too seriously.

I know I learn best when I am absorbed, when I am encouraged to look at things differently, when there is an opportunity to be quirky or take on other perspectives. I like to get all my senses involved and feel as well as think. In essence I often learn when I am being playful.

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Posted May 21, 2012 by Dawn Langley in category "Blog