May 21

Wreck this journal!

A small black paperback book with the title wreck this journal. A crumpled paper sits on top
Tear out and crumple

Every so often I come across a little gem that makes me think anew or challenges some of the assumptions I hold, often without even realising them. Wreck this Journal is one such gem. I actually bought a couple for friends for Christmas last year and loved it so much I had to have one too.

I am always more engaged when I’m having fun and when I’m looking at things differently. Wreck this Journal has lots of little suggestions, like collecting and sticking in those irritating little stickers that have appeared all over our fruit and veg these days. It also encourages you to throw it out of windows, drag it through the dirt and tear pages out. I was fascinated by how uncomfortable I felt doing some of these exercises.

Books are important to me, I probably have way too many of them, and they are all precious. I do not write in the margins, fold their corners or break their spines (I know that says something about me!). I have enjoyed throwing all that aside with this little book and Keri does warn at the beginning that ‘you may grieve for the perfect state that you found the book in.’

I love her notion of creative destruction being liberating and I now carry it around with me to follow its various instructions randomly when I have a moment.

At the moment my favourite page is ‘fill this page with circles.’ Let me know if you have a favourite page.

Keri’s website is fun and thoughtful too, it’s well worth a visit.

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