March 1

White Water

A Waterfall flowing over dark rocks bottom left and top right. Sun is shining in the background

Above all, the problem with our existing model of learning is that it depicts learning as an institutional activity. This existing model has been overtaken by the rate of change in organisations and society…Permanent white water not only creates extraordinary learning challenges for us  all, it also places enormous stress on the theories and forms of learning we practice to meet these challenges.


These wise words were written by the insightful Peter Vaill, a staggering 17 years ago in 1996. I’m ashamed to say I have only just come across his book – Learning as a Way of Being – and it seems to me it still has a lot to offer. Particularly, as the water feels to have got choppier than ever!

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Posted March 1, 2013 by Dawn Langley in category "Blog