October 27

Multiple Points

Paint Palette

White background with red and yellow shapes. Yellow paintbrush and palette lower left. REd and yellow paint tubes in the middle
Paint Palette: FL 30mm 1/30 f/5.6 ISO 400

I did this exercise several times with different objects and it was this version I preferred because of the arrangements and colours. I had previously tried jewellery making tools and findings as well as domestic tools but I really struggled to get the lighting right and this had an impact on whatever compositions I tried. Interestingly, this was the first time I felt I had become more concerned about the technology than the images.

Having abandoned earlier attempts I came back to the exercise and tried again with the painting materials. I felt much more comfortable with the compositions and colours and was more able to notice the impact that the addition of each new item or items had. Of them all I think I have a preference for the fourth in the series, I like its simplicity and the way your eye is led up and across the frame. Although I am aware that with all of them the lighting is a bit stark.


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Posted October 27, 2012 by Dawn Langley in category "AoP Learning Log